Overwatch is an FPS game that assigns players into teams of six and each player can select a character from 24 that has different abilities, movement, and attributes. These 24 characters can be divided into three categories: offense, defense, and support, Players work as a team to control a point or escort a payload. Players can obtain cosmetic gear like skins and celebrations; these items do not affect gameplay. Originally this game was released only with casual mode, but now they have a competitive game mode where things are more serious.


This game is set sixty years into the future of a fictionalized earth. These characters all have a backstory and they all develop through the Omnic Crisis, humans had been living a golden age of prosperity and technology development. They had created robots with artificial intelligence called omnics, they were put in facilities where they achieved economic equality. The Omnic Crisis began when the group that made the robots called omniums started to make a series of lethal and hostile robots. These robots obviously turned against mankind and then the United Nations formed an international task force to combat the omnic threat and restore order, this team was called Overwatch. The members of this group had some tension instantly, there were two leaders who both could not let their pride be destroyed by the others. After this, the two leaders split into different groups where one was looking after the team and the other was in Blackwatch who were tasked to look after the covert operations division. After lots of wrongdoing Overwatch made an outcry to the media about the organization and then in-fighting started to occur, the UN stepped in but an explosion destroyed the Overwatch headquarters. The Overwatch team was dismantled and they were not allowed to join in any fights because there would be consequences if they got involved. After some terrorism around the globe, some old friends have to unite.


The games’ graphics are absolutely stunning, it has a team fortress 2 type feel and I love games like this. The game looks like a next gen anime that has been blasted with awesomeness, I love this game because it’s fun to play alone but even more fun with friends. I love the choice of choosing characters to suit your game style, the free will in this game is amazing because you can either be tactical or just use what you like. This game had it’s one year anniversary and has released lots new things into the game. Anyway, this game has lots of tactical strats that you can use to get an advantage on other players. My main is Genji because he is amazing and just so cool, I love his abilities and his alt because I love ninjas. I also love reaper because he’s so dark and I love anyone who holds duel shotguns and can kill a whole team in one alt. This game is just so much fun and I will give it a…..




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