Marvel Heroes Omega

Marvel Heroes Omega is a port of the game Marvel Heroes that originally came out for the PC. They’ve now brought it over to consoles and is currently in the open-beta. This means that there’s some bugs and that it’s not fully completed yet but that doesn’t mean that I can’t review it!

Marvel Heroes Omega lets you play as heaps of heroes from the marvel comics, and you can get costumes to make them look like the movie version of them and also alternate costume designs from the comics. Each character has different stats and powers. My preferred hero to play as is Nova because he’s pretty powerful but I also like playing as Spider-Man and Deadpool.

The gameplay is pretty simple to understand and with the powers/moves you can customise what button does what move. There is a really cool new feature that they’ve added into the console version that’s not on PCs, Couch Co-Op. This is a really fun feature because now you can be playing with your friends on the same device!

The graphics aren’t the best but what it misses in graphics it makes up for in everything else (The graphics aren’t that bad). The story in this game is cool but not at all needed to have fun, It’s a good story but even if it didn’t exist i’d consider the game the exact same way as I would now.

Overall this game is really fun to play and is way to good to be a free game. It improves upon the PC. Can’t wait for them to get it out of beta!


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Source of pics: Gazillion Entertainment & Secret Identity Studios


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